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A big and diverse gay dating community.

Incredible member database and a great searching experience.

Biggest mature gay dating user base.

The best gay dating site for senior singles.

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gay men looking for serious long term relationships

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Latest Customer Reviews

  • For far too long the LGBT population has been ignored on dating sites. Compatible Partners is for gays and lesbians only. I have found a promising match on this site. We have terrific conversations together. I only wish I discovered this site sooner.

    Reviewer: Paolo C.

    Location: Suburbs of NYC

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  • Finding a fast date online, now thatís easy. But, if you want to find someone that will be your partner forever, you need to sign up for GayMarriage. The site focuses on bringing gay men together who are interested in more than just a fling. Thatís how I found my husband. Heís such a wonderful man, and heís the most thoughtful person I have ever met. I couldnítí ever have found him without GayMarriage.

    Reviewer: Aaron Gardner

    Location: Oklaholma

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  • Zoosk is definitely one of the best sites that I have ever encountered. It only took me a day to setup my account on the site and a few weeks to find my perfect match. The interface is also real esy to use and undrstand. I hily recomend the site for anyone who wants to find luv through cybrspace.

    Reviewer: Callie

    Location: New Jersey

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  • I was unsure at first- the price, the personality test, everything. I took one look at my first match and laughed. How could they think we'd work? The second guy was more promising- we had a lot in common, felt the same way about many things. I am surprising even myself.

    Reviewer: Edward

    Location: Southern CA

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  • Trying to find love as a homosexual and an older man is tough. Women my age, and many younger women constantly greet me, but Iím not interested in women. I suppose my outward appearance makes me look like a distinguished older gentleman. I am polite with the ladies, always have been, theyíre just not for me. However, I am hoping to find what Iím looking for with SeniorPeopleMeet. One of the men at the driving range told me that the site was perfect for us. Iím excited to find an older man my age and my type.

    Reviewer: Miguel Poole

    Location: Georgia

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Which Gay Dating Sites are best?

There are probably more gay dating sites on the internet aimed at gay, lesbian, transgender and bi-sexual groups than there are for any other user group out there. However, this choice creates much confusion when choosing the best dating site for your needs and this is where we are able to help. There are a variety of mainstream 'Christian' sites that welcome gay, lesbian and heterosexual singles. There are other sites, wholly dedicated to lesbians, others that are specifically for gay male singles and others that focus on gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals. Some of these websites focus on helping others to find compatible partners to engage in a long-term relationship, while others focus heavily on finding 'physical partners' to engage in casual relationships or sex-only relationships. In our opinion, despite the myriad of specialist dating websites to choose from, is the best choice as it has the largest membership of GLBT's compared with other gay dating sites and taking into account the look and feel, usability and value for money, this is a much better site all-round.

Know what you want from a GLBT dating website

In order to fulfill your objective and enjoy success on any dating site, it is important to make clear with yourself exactly what is you want to achieve. For example, there is no point joining a specialist website for gay males that focuses on physical relationships only, as this will be particular unfulfilling if you're seeking a long term relationship and you are likely to be put of online dating altogether, because of the crude tone of most of these sex-only websites.
It is also really important to be up-front and honest about your preferences on a mainstream site that caters for GLBT's as well as heterosexual singles. If you are strictly looking for another single to enjoy a long-term compatible relationship then it is important that you make this clear on your profile. If bi-sexuality for example is not your thing - make it clear. Once you have established exactly what you are seeking, you will be able to find the right site for your needs using our expert and customer reviews.

Gay Offline-Dating Safety

Online dating is one of the safest ways of dating and meeting other singles regardless of sexual orientation. However, men (heterosexual, gay or bi-sexual) tend to be less vigilant when it comes to telltale safety risks and warnings than women. Remember, it is just as important for men as it is for women to tell a friend or relative about where you are meeting and when, so that at least someone has an idea of your whereabouts and movements. It is a known fact that within the gay community, some men are fairly promiscuous and will potentially go home with someone after a first date. Of course, what individuals choose to do is entirely their choice, but we advise against this unless you have built up a good enough rapport online (before meeting) and you feel sufficiently comfortable that the person you are dating is trustworthy. The nature and slight stigma of promiscuity means that many men would be too embarrassed to inform a family member or friend of their whereabouts in such a situation, but it really is better to trust one other person with this information and is worth any slight embarrassment one may have.

Gay dating profiles

We may as well face the fact that men are not so good at profile presentation and self-promotion. Regardless of your sexual orientation, most men falter on this part of the online dating process. Yet it is the most crucial element in determining the likelihood of success in finding someone right for you. After reviewing a multitude of sites, both mainstream and specialist, we found male-only dating sites to be the worst for poor profile quality. What you have to remember is that gay guys often put appearances and aesthetics at the top of their priority list, so it makes sense that photo selection should be made with same thought. However, we found that those who did invest time in their photos seem to direct this energy in the wrong way. One example is of a guy who stated categorically that he was looking for a serious long-term relationship, yet he presented very little information about himself, his personality, preferences or hobbies. Instead, he had a whole photo gallery of himself in various semi-nude poses. This gave completely mixed messages and signals. Of course, the pictures themselves were fine (there was nothing offensive about them), but it gave the impression that he was seeking a physical, casual relationship focused on sex as opposed to any meaningful compatibility to be found on an emotional or spiritual level. So you see, getting a profile right is essential for any single online dater, but even more so for gay male singles who are looking for a serious relationship.